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May 2023 Meeting Minutes (Approved)

Updated: Jul 26, 2023


May Meeting

Thursday, May 4th, 2023

May meeting was held both virtually on Zoom and physically at El Sur at 1214 Main Street, and was attended by 15 members and 2 non-members.

The May meeting began with an election of a new Secretary for DNA; Jonathan Sketas resigned from the position in April. Member and Parliamentarian Joel DiPippa reviewed the bylaws for officer elections then opened the floor for nominations. Brenda Stallings was nominated and approved by unanimous vote.

President Sarah Thomas provided an update on the Food Pantry that DNA is planning to create The Capitol Zoning District Commission is scheduled to vote for approval of the proposed location at their upcoming meeting.

Vice President Kathy Wells provided information from the Pulaski County Assessor’s office including a new App that has been created called CS (County Service) which allows for mobile property assessments. The county is providing assistance with property assessments for tornado victims. VP Wells also reminded the membership that annual personal property assessments are due by 5/31/23.

Treasurer Lindsey Boerner provided a membership update and presented the April minutes for approval, which were approved by majority vote.

Treasurer Boerner also provided the April financial report which included deposits of $40.00 for two new members as well as a $100 donation from a new member. Total assets as of 4/30/23 were $2,307.68.

Downtown Density Task Force’s most recent meeting was cancelled, so there is no update at this time. VP Wells has requested that they submit their previous minutes to DNA for review and future contribution.

City Director Virgil Miller provided updates for the following:

  • Downtown Ambassadors will restart in June;

  • The City is doing an overhaul of the Master Plan and have a request for proposals out;

  • All street improvement projects for Ward 1 have been selected;

  • A Terry Mansion update has been requested from the AMFA trustees, however no update has been received;

  • The City is moving forward with their Homeless Village in partnership with the Compassion Center. This will serve as a place of transition for those who have found themselves unhoused.

  • A new community garden is in the works for downtown;

  • Directors are still reviewing the proposal to slow traffic on Broadway.

Patricia Blick from the Quapaw Quarter Association provided an update on historic tax credits – the state tax credit was recently bumped up to 30% (though the federal tax credit remains at 20%).

The meeting was adjourned at 6:36 p.m.


May Membership Meeting

May 6th, 2023

Welcome and President’s Report Sarah Thomas, President

Vice President’s Report Kathy Wells, Vice President

Minutes and Membership Report Lindsey Boerner, Treasurer

58 Members / 1 Business / 1 New Member

Treasurer’s Report Lindsey Boerner, Treasurer

$2,307.68 in total assets

Downtown Density Task Force – Most recent meeting was cancelled due to conflicting schedules.

New Business

  • Election of new Secretary

    • Bylaws: the vacancy “shall be filled by vote of a majority of the general members at the meeting at which the vote is taken; no action of the general membership shall be deemed operative unless ten votes are recorded in the affirmation”. Quorum is 15 percent of the total membership.

  • Website Updates

    • Spruced up all of the pages

    • Added section for Bylaws and Meeting Minutes

    • Potential members can now register and pay through the website

    • Still to do – Add March, April minutes, and spruce up calendar of events

  • City of Little Rock

    • Short Term Rental ordinance – postponed from May 2 to May 15th at 6 p.m. at Philander Smith College (Nugent Center).

    • Revision of the LR Master Street Plan will be in June (exact date/time tbd) – Contact Kathy Wells at 501.960.6918 to participate.

  • Upcoming Downtown Events:

    • Friday, March 5th:

      • MacArthur Park 5K – registration is at 5 p.m. behind the Museum of Military History, race starts at 7 p.m. Proceeds to pay for update to the pond.

      • QQA Tour of Homes – next weekend Capitol View/Stifft Station – still looking for volunteers (

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