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February Meeting Minutes

2/1/24  Curran Hall  6pm


Sarah Thomas, President Virgil Miller, City Director

Kathy Wells , Vice President Scott Holladay

Greg Henderson Meredith Holladay

Shelley Green Brian Minyard

Patti Hendrick Bobby Mathews

John Hendrick Amanda DiPippa

John Baker Brittany Nichols

Blake Tierney

Quorum recognized - Meeting brought to order by President at 6:13 pmNote, Quorum = 15% (or more) of Dues paying members


President Election

Sarah Thomas self nominates

No contest

Kathy Wells makes motion to maintain Sarah Thomas as President through acclamation; Patti Hendrick seconded; motion carries


Vice President Election

Kathy Wells self nominates

Sarah Thomas nominates Greg Henderson

[secret ballots cast via paper]

Kathy Wells wins vote

Secretary Election

Sarah Thomas nominates Brittany Nichols

No contest

Treasurer Election

Sarah Thomas nominates Amanda DiPippa

No contest

Kathy Wells makes motion to appoint Brittany Nichols as Secretary and Amanda DiPippa as Treasurer; John Hendrick seconded; motion carries

  1. CITY LIASION UPDATEWelcome, City Director Virgil Miller, Ward 1 Director

Last BOD meeting, potholes were addressed. Please call 311 to put into the queue.

New short-term rental ordinance has allowed new development to be approved in this neighborhood.

Greg H - requested to see a list of approved STRs

VM - We can get that for you. 

Kathy W - requested Director Miller get that to Sarah via email

John H - Is there any concern about State Legislation pushing through a preemption law?

VM - State’s Leg seems to have stalled for now.

Removal of NO PARKING signs on 16th St

John B - What about regulations on rental facilities and management?

VM - We’re about to have that discussion. The matter with MHA will inform this process.

Kathy W - efficiency, section 8

VM - Director Adcock may spearhead this. The tenants are the ones that are suffering.


Bylaws Discussion

Mardi Gras Festival

  • Discuss whether or not to have a float

  • Sarah will see if the 


QQA has been approached by a Girl Scout Troop doing a “capstone” project that will be structured to make sure the project qualifies for the LEARNS act volunteering requirements

Welcome Mayor Frank Scott

Capital Avenue revitalization project update

  • BOD approved the purchase of 108 new trash cans for Downtown Little Rock

  • Renovation and updates of the lighting

  • Potential road from Broadway to State Capitol

State of the City will be hosted at AMFA at 6pm

  • 5pm “fair” with city departments

MLK Day of Unity Sunday Service this Sunday

Scott H - Capitol Zoning considerations for short-term rental ordinance

Brian M - previous CZ

John B - Phasing out gasoline-powered equipment

Brittany N - Parks & Rec has piloted electric equipment in Riverfront Park and in continuing to purchase based on most appropriate use

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