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March 2023 Meeting Minutes (Approved)


March Meeting

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Third meeting of the year was held both virtually on Zoom and physically at Press Waffle on Main Street and attended by 10 members.

Treasurer, Lindsey Boerner and Secretary, Jonathan Sketas were not in attendance due to vacation. They sent in reports before the meeting. DNA has $2,239.54 in total assets and there were three new individual members who signed up before the meeting.

Kyrie Pitts, a local 10th grade student at Central High spoke in the meeting about a class project to make a street, a block from the school, safer for pedestrians and students from speeding vehicles. The street in question was Barber between 16th and 17th. Members provided her with resources and contacts to better help her project.

Rachel Cottner from Pettaway Neighborhood, spoke about a Road Diet for SoMa. She referenced a wreck that happened on Main and Daisy Bates that destroyed the sculpture that was in Bernice Garden. Vice President Kathy Wells reported she is on the Master Street Plan Revision Committee and would address these concerns in the meeting

Parliamentarian Joel DiPippa announced that a review of the DNA ByLaws would begin in the April Meeting to ease some operating issues.

No report for the Downtown Density Task Force due to the absence of John Hedrick because of a family emergency.

President Sarah Thomas reported on installation of curbside pantries to be discussed further in the April Meeting

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