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July 2023 Meeting Minutes (To Be Approved)


July Meeting

Thursday, July 6th, 2023

May meeting was held both virtually on Zoom and physically at Pettaway Coffee at 406 E 21st Street.

President Sarah Thomas began the July meeting by introducing Chris Porter, the Homeless Service Advocate with the City of Little Rock. Mr. Porter was present to discuss growing concerns around the unhoused population in downtown. Several attendees voiced their personal concerns and frustrations. Mr. Ported recommended trying to have a conversation with those who may be trespassing or causing issues before calling the LRPD. The City has a few things in the works including discussions with national law makers about potential funding for programs. The City also broke ground on July 12th for a tiny village on Roosevelt that will serve as temporary housing. Mr. Porter can be reached at 501.379.1596 or at

Julia Taylor with CAPES (Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students) provided a brief description of the organization. They are a statewide nonprofit nonpartisan group formed after LEARNS act was passed. Their goal is to get a referendum on the act, collecting signatures of 60k to freeze the act and then go on the ballot for a vote from the people. They are hosting drive through signing events all around the state.

President Sarah Thomas provided a brief update on upcoming partnership opportunities with the Dunbar and Wright Avenue Neighborhood Associations. Due to a lack of quorum, approval of the June meeting minutes was delayed to August.

Vice President Kathy Wells brought up a proposal from Director Phillips regarding a $10,000 raise for city directors. There is also an expected proposal from the Mayor for a tax increase. VP Wells is also in contact with Mr. Porter and others in the community regarding nuisance properties and open burning, illegal dumping, and other issues.

Treasurer Lindsey Boerner provided a brief financial update: LRDNA has assets totaling $2,369.30. $2,141.32 in the Arvest account and $227.98 in PayPal.

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